Ideal couple: Beauty Treatments and Cosmetics

There are beauty treatments, which in combination with cosmetic give an amazing results. One of them is scalp massage with nourishing serum. Massage boosts blood circulation in skin cells. It strengthens roots, prevents hair loss, accelerates hair growth and makes streaks stronger and prettier. While serum is rich in vitamins, minerals and active substances. Massage in combination with serum makes cosmetic ingredients absorb faster to skin cells and nourish them better as a result. Improvement of hair condition will be immediate.

The second beauty treatment is hair wash with shampoo with conditioner. This way we cleanse the scalp out of sebum, dandruff, dead skin cells and other pollutions. By adding conditioner we do not only support shampoo, but also nourish hair and scalp. Such treatment moisturises, smoothers and strengthens hair. It makes streaks more beautiful, easier to model, comb out or dry. What is more, conditioner provides protection against sun radiation and other harmful factors of the external environment.

Beauty TreatmentsAnother perfect couple is face scrub and face mask. Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, smoothers skin surface, lightens discolourations and cleanse pores. What is more, it boosts blood circulation, tones up and provides fast absorption of nourishing properties contained in cosmetics, which you apply right after face scrub. That is why it is a good solution to apply face mask that matches skin complexion. Besides nourishment it will moisturise and sooth irritations after the scrub.

AHA and BHA acids and sun filters are yet another treatments, which should be combined. Chemical peels help in exfoliation of dead skin cells, reduce scars, stretch marks, cellulite, flattens wrinkles and skin pores, lightens discolourations. Right after treatment with chemical peels skin becomes more sensitive and liable to sun radiation (some of the chemical peels cause sensitise to light). That is why skin needs to be protected with sunscreens. This way you’ll prevent creation of pigmentation spots, discolourations and burns.

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