The most common facts and myths about hair

Hair care is important, however it is also very individual matter – what works for one, may not work for others. There are certain beliefs, which permanently stuck in our consciousness. Let’s see, which of them are true and which of them are just myths.

facts_about_hair[MYTH] Long and often combing improves hair condition

Our grandmothers believed that regular combing boosted blood circulation in skin, so hair were supplied better with nourishing ingredients. By believing in hair condition improvement they combed hair long and stubbornly every evening. Today, we know that too often and strident combing can only cause split ends and electrifying of hair.

[MYTH] For better cleanse hair need to be washed twice

This belief probably came from the hairdresser’s, where after various hair treatments hair are washed at least twice or even more. In reality washing hair twice is unnecessary if we e.g. didn’t use any particularly difficult to wash oil. Additional amount of shampoo will make skin sensitive and can electrify hair.

[FACT] We loose more hair during autumn and spring

Unfortunately, hair loss can increase even four times during autumn and spring solstice. In the autumn and spring rises level of hormones in our body, which influences hair reviving. We can observe increased hair loss, which usually after month is back to normal.

[MYTH] If hair falls out with the root then it won’t grow back

The lifespan of healthy hair is approximately four years, though this time can differ depending on individual predispositions. After this time the hair root ages and dies, but it falls out only when its pushed out by the new root, which was created in its place.

[MYTH] Pulling out grey hair will make it to grow in its place not depigmented hair

Hair colour depends on melatonin level, which is created in cells, which also regulate hair growth. If follicle stops producing pigment then every next hair will also be depigmented. You shouldn’t pull individual grey hair, because it can weaken follicle structure.

[FACT] Vitamins efficiently stop hair loss

Vitamins are necessary for right hair growth and strengthening of roots and this method is very effective in stopping hair loss. Hair roots are very often blocked by toxins and cannot use vitamins from bloodstream and by rubbing vitamin serums in the scalp it can deliver nourishing ingredients directly to follicle.

[MYTH] Baldness is hereditary only among men

Women would probably wish that baldness was exclusively men’s problem, however also women can inherit predispositions to baldness. In women’s case hair loss is never full, like it is with men, whose baldness is connected to androgens, i.e. men’s hormones.

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