Nanolash eyelash serum – Strengthening, protection and growth

Nanolash perfect eyelash serumHow many layers of mascara does an average woman apply on her lashes? There was a time when a certain researcher analysed it, in spite of subject not being very scientific. As it turned out, on average it is 3-4 layers on each eye. That means an immense waste of product, time and money. Nanolash eyelash serum is a proposition of beautiful lashes without all of that. What if you could apply only one layer of mascara or stop using it at all?

You cannot change or prevent natural processes of eyelashes. Each hair, including those on eyelids have their own tempo. It is being created in the follicle, then comes out to the surface and grows until it dies and falls out. Under those circumstances, it seems impossible to grow long and dense lashes, especially that statistically they live only for two months. Hair fall out as well and we pay more attention to their conditioning than any other. To be true, hair lifespan is a bit longer (even up to few years), but it does not change the fact that anatomically eyelashes and hair are identical.

Disturbance in eyelashes and eyebrows can be caused by various factors. Since we do not care about their proper care, any matter can be significant. Visible weakening of eyelashes can be caused by, for instance imbalanced diet poor in vitamins and minerals and unfavourable atmospheric conditions. In most cases, we do not even realise that many cosmetics can also have impact on eyelashes and it is not always beneficial. It is because poorly chosen cosmetics can have reverse effects. To worsening of eyelashes condition can also contribute unsuitable make-up removal products. Mechanical damages are the worst, because fractured follicle is unable to grow strong and healthy lashes. All of the above factors contribute to worsening of eyelashes condition and in a consequence lead to falling out.

Preventive eyelashes care

It is sure that prevention is better than cure. Proper care with products like Nanolash eyelash serum is a great way to prevent damages to eyelashes. Character of hair makes it grow stronger if lash is protected, because then there are no limiting it by harmful factors. If we prevent loss of nourishing ingredients, hair will be healthy and strong. Recommended by specialists Nanolash eyelash serum constantly refills deficit of essential to hair substances. Therefore, proper nourishment translates into eyelashes strengthening in the first weeks of regular use. Healthy hair are less subjected to unfavourable factors, like humidity or temperature fluctuations. Preventive treatment with Nanolash is also matter of protection. If systematically applied, Nanolash creates on lashes line protective layer that limits interaction with harmful substances. Follicles as well as bulbs are being protected, which beneficially influences lashes growth. Nanolash eyelash serum protects lashes the same way some cosmetics protect hair from their roots.

Regeneration of weak eyelashes

Even damaged eyelashes can be restored. In this particular case, short lifespan of lashes is beneficial. You do not have to regenerate damaged lashes, seal their cuticles or condition on their entire length. Eyelashes will fall out in a matter of next few weeks, so you need to focus on those that will take their place. Regeneration with Nanolash is based on direct impact on follicles, i.e. source. Manufacturer of Nanolash had really good reason to recommend application of serum on lashes line instead of their entire length. Active substances will directly reach follicles and provide better results. What is more, skin will be prepared for new lashes. Diverse vegetable extracts and other substances will make new lashes stronger and better rooted. The conclusion is simple – prevention is important, but eyelashes can be also regenerated if they were weaken by e.g. excess use of extensions, hormonal disorders, wrong cosmetics, etc. For this reason, Nanolash is a perfect choice for eyelash care in case of their weakening, for example after pregnancy (not while being pregnant), after removal of extensions, after chemotherapy, etc.

Intense stimulating treatment

Nanolash eyelash serum is more than just strengthening product. Its main task is to improve lashes condition and that transfers to visibly longer lashes. Nanolash was created as a stimulating eyelashes growth serum, based on advanced ingredients. Formula of this product was developed in a way to stimulate bulbs to more effective work. Nanolash eyelash serum improves hair growth in their early stage and as a result eyelashes are longer, thicker and more dense. In the moment of peak your lashes maybe more intense than fake lashes. However, effects are very real, because lashes have different lengths and match your eye shape. Comparison of various methods for lashes extension showed that the most natural effects are being obtained by regular use of Nanolash. After finished treatment, results should be preserved by use of serum in larger intervals. Your eyelashes will stay longer and darker. Treatment with Nanolash is better than extensions and you do not even have to use mascara. No doubt, it is the best alternative.


Serum can be bought only in the manufacturers online shop and from its distributors. In the stationary shops, product is available only in some beauty parlours that co-operate with the brand. Equipped with applicator in form of thin brush serum has 3 ml capacity, which is enough for 3-6 months treatment. Serum cannot be used by children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Correct application should be performed on clean and dry eyelid to provide better results and limit irritations.

19 Comments “Nanolash eyelash serum – Strengthening, protection and growth”

  1. kim_g

    I heard only positive opinions about it. I guess I’ll heve to see for myself :D

  2. Amelia

    amazing job! my lashes are now much longer and I can see many new one growing but I haven’t noticed any darkening

    • fiirebird

      me neither but that’s not what I was expecting. I wanted to have long and strong lashes and I can always apply some mascara to make them darker

  3. Monica23

    I apply minimum 3 layers and only then, I am happy with the effect;)

  4. jess

    in my case, argan oil works best as a lash serum. I wouldn’t say it extends the length but lashes are moisturised and curl nicely :)

  5. Rosy F

    where can I buy it? never seen it in any store

  6. Kirsten

    I’ve been using serums for years and for a long time been using revitalash and now nanolash is basically same thing. I haven’t compared the composition but when it comes to the efects, I haven’t noticed any difference

  7. Nancy89

    I started using this serum a few days ago and I get the feeling that I’m losing more lashes. is it possible?? dunno, but I’m worried that soon, I will be left with no lashes at all. Before, my friend was using this serum and everythig was ok !

    • Sue

      this can happen, not only with this serum, it is common at the begnning, it is somehow connected with lash life cycle or something like that. no wirries, they grow back longer and stronger anyway

  8. Davinaaa

    Indeed, applying mascara takes time and that’s why lash extensions are a better solution for me

  9. miss_lee

    I am in the middle of a castor oil treatment and I can already see first effects :)

    • Rachel

      I haven’t seen any changes when using castor oil. maybe just lashes got darker a bit

      • diamondgirl

        I tried applying oli several times but each time my eyes were itching after few days

  10. a_nn

    I have nanolash for 3weeks and I think I can see my lashes getting longer. I curious about the next results

  11. Sarah19

    for me it’s a great product! before, i had a erum that was twice as expensive. It turns out that you don’t have to buy more expensive cosmetics to have super long lashes.:)

  12. nancy m.

    I have to order it !!! :))

  13. Jennifer

    I already have my proven serum that I’ve been using for the past 2 years and I am very happy with it. But who knows, maybe I try nanolash one day :D

  14. Katherine

    a very good product, visible lash lengthening and thickening, no allergies or irritations. Small bottle yet the serum is efficient, the 5th month I am using it

  15. k.t.

    great results, too bad I didn’t take any photos before the treatment to prove it


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