Does matt lipstick dry your lips? We have a way to deal with that!

Matt lipsticks rule for several months now. No wonder – juicy red in matt version looks elegant, original and beautiful. Not everyone, though can allow themselves for matt madness in make-up. Matt lipstick dries the lips, enhances cracked skin on the lips, gathers in the cracks and makes skin peel? Meet 5 ways to prepare lips for the matt!

mate lips dry1# Start with the lip scrub

What is the best way to get rid of dry skin, that can be enhanced by matt lipstick? Scrub, of course. Many of us on a regular basis makes face scrub, while completely forgetting about lip scrub. We apply soft scrub or a home-made scrub (honey mixed with sugar) on the lips and massage the lips with for example tooth brush.

2# Remember about moisturising

Just like any other part of our body, lips also need proper moisturising. Before you even think about lips make-up, apply nourishing balm, which will deeply moisturise the lips. Tap it in, wait till it will dry and you’re ready! You can proceed with lips make-up.

3# Apply lipstick base

You apply eyeshadow base, for the eye shadows to hold better and look more intense? Why won’t you apply a base under the matt lipstick? Lipstick base will ensure equalisation of the lips structure and its colouration, so the lipstick will administer easier and even small amount of it will give a perfect cover.

4# Use concealer

Expressive lips make-up must be properly highlighted and such effect we can achieve only by contour and intense colour. Proper colour value is provided by the lipstick base, but sharp contour can be accomplished with concealer. Apply small amount of the concealer along the lips line to create contrastive ambit.

5# Make friends with lip-liner

Just like in the case of standard lipstick, matt lipstick also needs a use of lip-liner. Lip pencil in the colour of the matt lipstick or a tone brighter will keep in lines the lipstick, which will not cross beyond contour of the lips.

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