Nailfie – How to make the perfect nails’ photo?

Nailfie is the newest photography trend in selfie category, for those how are not familiar with the term – photos that one has taken of oneself. This time around we are not taking photos of our face, but…perfectly made manicure. As it turns out, the art of nailfie is not as easy as it may seem. How to make the perfect nailfie? You just need to know those few simple tricks.

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#1 Choose right place and time of the day

To take the perfect nailfie you need a lot of light, because the light itself is the key matter in any type of photography. The most important for you is to find really well exposed to light place, even better if it is daylight that is shaded from the back of the object, which is from behind our back.

#2 Find the perfect background

Choosing the background for our hands is very important aspect, because if we choose too patterned or not enough interesting background then the nails will just not look so good. Nailfie should be taken on the background that is giving nice contrast to skin colour of our hands but also the colour of manicure. The most universal choice could be some plain and distinct background. If you want to try out some more complex background, you have to be very creative and have strong sense of aesthetics.

#3 Select some original props

This is not obligatory, of course. We can present the manicure in a very beneficial way by posing with just hands. However, remember that a prop can make it significantly easier to take a good nailfie. You can present the nails on some evening clutch bag, by placing a hand on the hip, by holding some fruit or bottle of nail polish.

#4 Practice hand posing

As strange as it may sound, natural and at the same time slenderizing position of the hands to nailfie is not such a simple thing to do. It is much easier if we use some prop, but with trial and error method and some practice you can manage to work without it. It is important to raise your hands before every taken photo and let the blood flow out of them – that way we avoid the effect of redness and discolourations of skin.

#5 Practice photos in series

Even professionals are not capable of taking the perfect photo at the first try. Train your abilities by making many pictures in a similar angle, while remembering all the previous rules, of course. It can help if your camera has a continous shooting mode.

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