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Collagen Drinks. Do They Improve Aging Skin?

Collagen is known for its positive effect on the appearance and condition of skin. Still, a new way of using it has become popular recently. It’s collagen… drinking! Are collagen drinks as effective as skin-care products enriched with this protein?

The skin is built of many various elements. Elastin and collagen fibers are essential to maintain the skin’s elasticity and they are like a skeleton for the skin, making it plump, bouncy and youthful.

Unfortunately, the level of collagen in the human body drops over time so these fibers lose their power and find it hard to keep the skin’s original plumpness. This, sadly, leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

Caring for aging skin

Believe it or not, you should replenish the collagen as early as from the age of 25. It’s crucial to use products that stimulate cell renewal and have an antiaging effect so that you can delay aging early enough. If you do, the collagen fibers have a chance to maintain elasticity for much longer.

We can replenish collagen using different methods. We usually seek it in cosmetics – a serum enriched with collagen seems to make the best choice. Still, this isn’t the only way you can provide it.

Elixir of youth, or collagen drink

Collagen supplementation for keeping skin’s youth from within is getting more and more popular. Theoretically, this is more effective than applying substances onto the skin because essential processes take place in the dermis.

Is drinking collagen better than using collagen creams and serums? This depends on the regularity of using them and length of the therapy. If you follow directions religiously, a collagen drink is going to:

  • plump up your face.
  • delay occurence of wrinkles.
  • ensure optimal hydration.
  • strengthen hair and nails.

Collagen supplements

The choice of collagen-based drinks is really huge. It’s good to use ones that have a high concentration of collagen to get faster and better results.

What’s interesting, a collagen drink can be quite tasty! Manufacturers start adding some flavour enhancers. You can easily get a collagen shake in different flavors e.g. orange, strawberry, melon and even watermelon!

How long do you need to drink collagen?

NOTE! Remember that collagen therapy must last for a minimum 3 months. This is how long you need to have a collagen drink daily to get real effects on the skin, hair and nails. A one-off drink won’t give you any improvement.

Collagen drinks need time to work. You also need a suitable dose. Both things let you see better complexion after 2 or 3 weeks, and the skin gets plumper and prettier day by day.

Collagen drinking is the easiest way to get a lovely face.

Worth a try!

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