How to fix split ends?

Cutting split ends is not the only way to get rid of them. There are different, easier methods to improve streaks condition. What’s the most important, all of them are quite simple and possible to perform right away.

Use wide-toothed comb. Hair brush with thick bristle or combs with tightly placed teeth can be harmful to hair and lead to frizzing, electrifying and split ends. However, wide-toothed comb very thoroughly combs out streaks and distributes conditioner or other product on them. What is more, use of such combing device prevents weakening, breaking and hair loss.

Hot air is harmful to ends. We are talking about straightening, blow-drying and curling, so those of hair treatments, which require high temperatures. Hot air dries hair and contributes to loss of water and keratin. Helpful might be products, which have to be used before or after stylisation with heat. Use of devices generating high temperature should be limited.

SPLITENDS 1Dietary supplements may come handy. In particular biotin and folic acid. Biotin ensures streaks with gloss and prevents oily scalp and hair loss, it will also help it preventing dandruff. Folic acid strengthens hair and makes them stronger and healthier. You can of course take dietary supplements, which will improve hair condition. Especially helpful will be those with horsetail, vitamins A,E,B and C. Mentioned before substances can be found in: brown rice, egg yolk, sea fruits, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Application of hair conditioners helps split ends. It is important for it to be a leave on conditioner, because only such cosmetics protect hair in proper way. Those products create protective layer on the ends from sun radiation, cold air, harmful substances in cosmetics and other irritating factors, which can weaken hair condition.

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