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Shine-Enhancing Hair Rinses: Natural, Effective, Budget-Friendly

There is a quick and natural way – and easy on the pocket! – to make your hair shiny and healthy again. Try the best hair rinses used by our great grandmas; all-natural formulas, recipes passed on from generation to generation.

Natural Shine-Boosting Hair Rinses


Flaxseeds turn out to be one of the best natural hair products! Colourless flaxseed gel looks like hair serum and works like keratin treatment! It has a brilliant effect on the hair leaving it smoother, softer and nourished.

Pour 2 teaspoons of flax seeds into a pot filled with boiling water (don’t use too much water; the gel should be thick) and cook for around 60 seconds. Take the pot off the stove and allow the gel to cool down. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a glass of boiled water. Use the mixture for final rinsing (you can pour it into a bowl and soak the hair in it for even coverage).


This mixture is perfect for greasy and easily weighed-down hair. It’s easy to make and you’re going to notice better hair – voluminous and shiny – after just a few uses. Mix 2 spoons of fresh lemon juice with a liter of warm water. Use it for final rinsing.


Use apple cider vinegar or any other fruit vinegar, e.g. grapeseed, to add shine to hair but also hydrate it. Mix a few spoons of vinegar with one and a half liter of boiled water. That’s it! Use it after shampooing for final rinsing.


Coffee is a priceless cosmetic! Apart from helping get rid of cellulite or exfoliate old epidermis, it enhances hair and scalp through stimulating blood flow and faster hair growth. At the same time, coffee-based rinse has a shine-increasing, nourishing and softening effect.

How to make it? Pour boiling water over 3 spoons of ground coffee and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Drain the coffee grounds and use them for a DIY body scrub. Pour the resulting water into a large bowl, add some boiled water and use it for final rinsing of both hair and scalp. The mixture makes hair softer and brilliantly shiny.


This herb-based rinse is ideal for sensitive scalp because it additionally minimizes irritations. Allow 2 spoons of dried rosemary leaves to steep in a liter of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Drain the leaves and use the water for final rinsing whenever you wash your hair. This natural rinse boosts shine as well as nourishes the scalp and makes hair less oily, keeping it fresh and voluminous. Rosemary is a brilliant ingredient infused into herbal shampoos.

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