Four Surprising Hair Gadgets You Need to Have

True hair lovers know how wide is hair products market. Available are products for every hair type and for any problem, in almost every scent and colouristic version, etc. Is there anything that can surprise us? Yes. Multitude of interesting and at the same time helpful hair gadgets. Below, we present four most surprising hair gadgets, which every woman should have.

Hair GadgetsNo.1 Hair cutting clip

Girls who decide on hairstyle with fringe know this very well. You have just been to hairdresser and your fringe is already blocking the view, gets to your eyes and don’t want to listen to you. And yet again you have to look for a hair stylist who wouldn’t make you pay too much for two cuts for shortening of the fringe. What if you could do it yourself? Impossible? It will be crooked and unaesthetic? It doesn’t have to be if you get a tool which will help you do it on your own. CreaClips or Bango are though trough hair clips, which allow to hold fringe in a way so it would be easier to cut or layer it without fear of hurting yourself.

No.2 Bob Maker Tool

You want to follow the spring fashion and have some aesthetic bob on your head, but you don’t want to cut your long hair, which you were fighting for to grow for months? Bob Maker clips is a true bomb of last few months thanks to which in just few minutes you can make a lovely bob hairstyle out of long hair. Long clip allows to gather the “excess” of hair and hide them underneath the bob in a way that hairstyle is comfortable and natural.

No.3 Net for beach waves

Do you dream about fresh beach look, but you don’t have time or will to test all the weird ways and fancy products, which suppose to ensure beach waves? With help to fine and not so long hair comes net from Kevin Murphy. Silky soft and thin will allow achieving the dream stylisation in a simple way. All you have to do is to place the net on wet hair before sleep and in the morning you’ll wake up with a head full of beach waves.

No.4 Night hair band for natural waves effect

Do you dream about Hollywood waves, but you don’t have time or will to torture your hair with high temperatures of curler? There are gadgets, which will curl your hair, while you are asleep. Impossible? Aurora Band is a soft hair band created to secure damp hair during a sleep and to establish natural waves effect without any effort in the morning. All you have to do is to place hair band on your head and twist hair around it and then go to sleep.

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