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Argan oil for hair – How does it work and what does it contain?

There are plenty of oils dedicated for hair care. On times it is difficult to find yourself in the tangled web of information you read on the Internet websites and the descriptions of cosmetics. Brands endorse more and more various oils, which names sound exotic, fascinate with their novelty and promise spectacular effects.¬†However, before you reach for your credit card in all the fascination over another oil, think, if perhaps it wouldn’t be better to instead of chasing novelties, try the one for ages recommended for hair?

Argan oil was extensively described in Ayurveda – ancient traditional medicine and philosophy of the East – as a remedy for all sort of aliments, hair and scalp may deal with. This oil is one of the most precious treasures of Indian medicine. At the same time it is the most luxurious oil – to obtain 1L/33.8 oz of oil are necessary 35 kg/77.2 Ib of Argania nuts. After all, there must had been good reason for calling this oil “liquid gold of Morocco”. Why is it so precious? What makes this oil so irreplaceable in fight for beautiful hair?

Argan oil is rich in balanced fatty acids (mostly omega-9). This makes this oil semi drying oil and perfect for the type of hair the most common among women and men all around the World, that is medium porosity hair.

Argan oil like no other takes care of hair, and in particular these the most subjected to mechanical damages. If you frequently dry hair with hot air produced by blow dryer, spend time in air conditioned or with dry air rooms – then argan oil is for you.

Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, called youth vitamin. It is a strong antioxidant and eliminates free radicals, which damage cells and disturb their work. Therefore, presence of vitamin E contributes to right cells functioning. What is more, this vitamin delivers essential nourishing substances and strengthens walls of blood vessels, including those on the scalp. Due to this action, it prevents all skin related diseases.

Argan oil also supports hair growth. Long, strong and glossy hair – the dream of every woman. Argan oil will provide versatile care and become soft of guardian, protecting hair against damages.

On top of that – this oil will make wild streaks and difficult in stylisation hair more disciplined and tamed. While these women who suffer from split ends will certainly appreciate fact that argan oil will prevent this problem from appearing.

Another undoubted advantage of natural oils, including argan oil, is fact that it does not need to be used only on hair. It can come handy also in body care: skin after a bath, face, hands, feet and nails as well as dry cuticles. You can use pure, natural argan oil or add it to the hair masks, creams or lotions. Furthermore, great solution is also purchase of drugstore products rich in argan oil and other nourishing substances. At present many prestigious brands have in their offer hair oils – look for these with large amount of argan oil. Results will be spectacular.

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