Alcohol is your enemy in the fight for healthy hair

There are many products with a positive influence on the scalp, but at the same time there are plenty of products harmful for hair cells. Among them leads the way alcohol, which consumption can significantly worsen hair condition. Does alcohol really dries hair? Alcohol’s greatest drawback are dehydration properties. Loss of water in the organism leads to poor hydration of hair cells and issues like dryness or brittleness.

Noticeably matt hair, loss of shine and split ends are the most common problems of people who abuse alcohol and aren’t hydrating properly. Specialists warn that abuse of alcohol can lead to the situation when nourishing ingredients are washed out of organism and it has direct influence on the hair condition. Without proper dose of vitamins (in particular from group B, but also A,C and E) or nourishing ingredients (biotin, zinc, pantothenic acid or folic acid) hair will loose natural gloss, become brittle, dry and fine. Low levels of those ingredients influences thickness and quality of the hair.

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Deficit of vitamins and elements in the organism can of course be restored with supplements, but even elements delivered this way will be washed out after consumption of the alcohol. Lack of those nourishing ingredients will of course be followed by hair loss. Our hair are mostly made out of thiamin, that is vitamin B, and its shortage can be observed on the hair appearance.

Great meaning in good hair condition has also liver, though, not many people know about it. As it’s commonly known, the biggest enemy of the liver is the alcohol. Inefficient body cleanse from toxins and redundant metabolites can greatly influence work of organism and hair structure. The issue with the bad alcohol influence on the hair appears only then, when we drink it too much. You don’t have to forgo the glass of wine or a beer during dinner. Moderation in alcohol consumption will have effect of increasing improvement of hair condition and appearance. The base of hair care is to eliminate harmful substances out of the organism, and alcohol is one of those substances.

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