Struggles with hair? Reach for the expert! Nanoil hair oil


There is no such thing as ‘normal’ hair, although most shampoo and conditioner slogans sound like this. A shampoo for normal hair? What kind of hair exactly?

It is time to dispel the myth once and for all: hair that does not require care does not exist. There is no one particular shampoo or conditioner that would deal with all ‘normal’ hair because such criterion describing the appearance of hair simply does not exist.

Therefore, it is very easy to reach for inappropriate hair care products that are not suitable for out type of hair and scalp. Unfortunately, it can cause more harm than good.

The most essential criterion describing the condition and type of hair is its porosity. It says a lot about our strands. Fortunately, Nanoil brand know this well and thus created a treatment based on hair porosities. 

Is your hair damaged or thick and heavy? Perhaps it is troublesome and one day it is frizzy and some other time looks stringy? Additionally, it started falling out excessively? There is a type of hair that is in the middle. It is placed between extremely damaged and thick, heavy hair. Such type is the most common among women worldwide. It is definitely far from ‘normal’ – it is unruly and causes troubles when it comes to styling. Moreover, it happens that the tips are dehydrated while the scalp oily or dry. Everything depends on a number of factors experienced by your hair every day: the type of care, the way you comb it, or even what climate you live in. This type of hair is called medium porosity. Hence, Nanoil brand has developed a cosmetic oil that contains a balance of fatty acids suitable to the structure of this particular hair type.

What else should you know about medium porosity hair?

  • it is dull
  • it is excessively frizzy
  • it is often static
  • sometimes it loses color and becomes faded
  • it is difficult to style
  • excessive sebum secretion might happen (hence hair loses volume)
  • it falls out excessively
  • it grows slowly
  • it is definitely not a “normal” type of hair


  • Strengthening the bulbs and the entire length
  • Protection against damage
  • Beautification and smoothness
  • Balanced scalp

Nanoil hair oil provides medium porosity hair with proper care and regeneration. One of the three versions is aimed directly to this type of strands. Nanoil for medium porosity hair contains six natural oils that are carefully matched to the looser cuticle layer. Thus the particles of oils can perfectly adjust to the structure. Only such synchronised care and ensure the success of nourishing strands.



Nanoil for medium porosity hair contains six precious, high quality oils:

  • macadamia oil – oil that is quickly absorbed, does not weigh strands down; nourishes and hydrates hair
  • argan oil – protects strands against high temperature and is the source of antioxidants
  • marula oil – balances the hydrolipid film, protects from damages
  • jojoba oil – the source of squalane, that regulates sebum secretion on the scalp
  • maracuja oil – the source of vitamins; tames unruly strands and provides shine
  • coconut oil – protects hair from damages, provides minerals

All the above described oils are not only beneficial for your strands by regenerating their interior. Nanoil applied regularly to the scalp will regenerate roots and stimulate them to grow. Oils are supported by two unique ingredients that not only contribute to faster hair growth, but also inhibit its loss. Baicapil and Kerastim complexes influence even dormant hair follicles to start growing new strands (the so called baby hair), thereby the hairline considerably thickens.

To make hair retain youth, prevent from damaging in the sunlight and gain flexibility and luster, Nanoil additionally includes silk, vitamins A and E and UV filter.

There is no other product that would be so perfectly matched to the care of medium porosity hair. With Nanoil you can see how your hair becomes more beautiful from the first moment and fully regenerate in just 4 weeks.

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