Hats off! The Hair Care in 7 Steps

Spring is just around the corner. We are taking off all the wool scarves, downy jackets and bobble hats. To not get afraid of what might be underneath the hat, we should probably think about the proper hair care. We have seven tips for the spring-cleaning (also on our heads).

The hair condition as well as the scalp condition can be drastically changed after winter. That is why we should make a small break in the application of the washing and nourishing products. The break shouldn’t be too long, because which one of us could just deal with the greasy hair and dandruff falling around with every movement of the head. If you have oily hair then you need proteins. At the same time you have to put away moisturising products. You may find very helpful to do sugar scrub of the scalp. However, if you have dry and matt hair then do the opposite. What other means of hair care should you use?

hair care steps 1Firstly, right hair wash. In the spring time hair tend to becomeĀ much less greasy. They don’t need often wash and cleansing. Limitation of the hair care treatments will be beneficial for the hair and the scalp. During wash use soft shampoo, perform massage and rinse it with cool water. Right after this step apply conditioner on the 2/3 of their length. Impress the excess water in the paper towel and then in the regular towel.

Secondly, combing is also important. Correct hair brushing stimulates hair bulbs, boosts blood circulation and evenly distributes sebum on the hair. The best would be hair brush with natural hair, which prevent electrifying and hair damage. Choose right hair brushing technique.

Thirdly, blow drying isn’t all that bad. Of course, if its performed correctly. You should never dry wet hair, and the blow dryer should be 8in from the head. If you lean forward and dry your hair in this position you will gain additional volume. Before the end of drying switch the hot air into cold, to close the hair scales.

Fourthly, hair need nourishing. Not only on the outside (but we’ll come back to it later). You will need hair masks and conditioners. It is important to match them with the hair condition and their type. Sometimes it is worth to serve our streaks complex care with oils, herbs or specialistic cosmetics from the hair dresser.

Fifthly, hair nourishing from the inside. It basically means healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Products which suppose to nourish the hair should contain vitamins A, B1, B2, E, PP. You can also try some supplements and herbal teas.

Sixthly, hair protection. Sun radiation, chlorinated water, cold wind and low temperatures don’t have positive influence on the hair. That is why before heading to the beach, swimming in the pool or skiing trip use leave-on conditioner or silk in spray.

And seventhly, crop the ends. It may not accelerate the hair growth, but most certainly you get rid of dry streaks and split ends. Besides, while your already at hair dresser you may as well get an entirely new look.

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