The Eight Commandments from the East – The Secret of Korean Beauty!

Asian beauty for a long time now is an unreachable ideal for the Western women, who with various methods try to look as fresh, beautiful and young as Asians. We envy women from the East, that in the age of several dozens they look as young as their teenage daughters. What is the secret of their perfect skin? What do we have to do to look as radiant? You have to obey the eight commandments.

Secret of Korean Beauty 11. Don’t matt

Asians have entirely different approach towards shiny skin than Europeans. They believe that radiant skin means moist skin full of glow. The most desirable is healthy glow connected with the perfect moisturising, not the oily skin, so Koreans apply large amounts of serum, oils and moisturising creams.

2. Learn to like girly colours

Asian beauty is about the transparent and fair skin in combination with peach, apricot or light pink lips and eyes. In Korea not only teenagers wear pink lipstick. Adult Eastern women love minimalistic and girly make-up.

3. Buy Cushion compact

Cushion compact, or a cushion foundation is very popular in the world of Asian make-up. This Korean trend has a light and natural formula that isn’t too heavy for the delicate skin. Koreans love it, because they don’t really like to apply many cosmetics on their faces.

4. Apply hair masks

Korean women by nature have healthy and glowing hair, but they also love very invasive colouration treatments and stylisations, that can damage streaks. It never happens because their secret to the healthy hair is regular application of the hair masks.

5. Pat don’t rub

The technique you use to apply cosmetics is crucial. Those were Asians who discovered that much better for skin is to pat the cosmetics in, because it stimulates blood vessels and the cosmetics ingredients are absorbed faster.

6. Eat seasonal products

The awareness of health eating also influences the beauty. Korean beauties’ diet is based mainly on the wholegrain rice, seasonal vegetables, fruits, sea food and kimchi (traditional Korean dish with pickled vegetables) – those products have influence on the health of their skin.

7. Wash your face twice

You may want to think about spending more time on the evening skin care of your face, for much deep cleanse. Asians start their cleanse with not foaming products on the oil base, and then they wash it once again with the face gel.

8. Apply essence

The last step in the Koreans skincare is application of the essence. Europeans finish their skincare on the tonic, but the Eastern women after this step use essence to equalise pH and moisturise the skin.