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Make-Up vs Safety Masks: 3 Tips for Making Them Work Together!

Even though we all got used to face masks, it is still hard to wear them together with make-up on. Mascara smudges, foggy glasses, lipstick on the mask… In today’s post we share 3 tips for combining a safety mask with make-up.

Many girls gave up on make-up because of a pandemic. They treated their skin to real detox and focused on skin care. However, we start missing the normality and many of us return to make-up on daily basis. Make-up definitely boosts our self-confidence and it’s good to know some tips to avoid products running down the face after a few minutes. You won’t be worried thinking if it’s still on your face or on the mask!

1. The eyes, chico. They never lie

As the famous movie quote says “the eyes never lie”. Since half of the face is covered with a mask, let’s focus on what’s visible. We’ve got a perfect moment for enhancing the eyes and tweaking our eye makeup skills. Of course you don’t need to go for foxy eyes and colorful eyeshadows on a regular day. A touch of highlighter in the eye corner and a quality mascara will do! Speaking of the eye area, we need to define the brows too. Since it’s impossible to show a smile, the brow arches are the form of expression.

2. Less means more!

You can forget about face contouring because the effect won’t be visible anyway. The fewer the products, the lower the risk of maskne, that is acne caused by wearing safety masks. As far as foundation goes, choose a lightweight product instead of full coverage. BB creams are a good alternative because they are less thick. To keep the product from getting on the mask, apply some powder, ideally rich in antibacterial substances like zinc oxide. When it comes to lip make-up, go for long-wear, matte lipstick which stays untouched for long hours and goes through extreme conditions while lip gloss smudges and gets on the mask in a record time.

3. Skin care is always in!

Never forget that daily skin care routine is a must. Because of safety masks, our skin needs full cleansing more than usual. During your morning and evening routine, choose antibacterial products and cosmetics rich in vitamin E, aloe, panthenol or salicylic acid. Even though half of the face is covered, you can’t skip a sunblock which protects the skin, as well as moisturizes and prevents premature aging. It’s good to nurture the complexion and keep it healthy so we can show it off to the world once we are able to take the masks off!

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