7 Practical Tips. What to do to lose weight for the summer?

There are many tips for a beautiful skin, hair or a slim body. Although, when summer is upon us, we usually care only about weight loss. In today’s post you will find 7 basic tips, that will help you take care of your figure during summer or even before holiday season. We present to you compendium of knowledge on summer weight loss.

weight-loss1. Go off alcohol

Taking into consideration chemical composition, alcohol is very similar to sugar. It means that drinking alcohol causes increase of sugar in an organism and gain of body weight. During summer go off alcohol, but if you need to have something to drink then choose white wine.

2. Eat vegetables

It is obvious that deliver of nutrients to the organism is important. We will find those in vegetables. In a summer eat a lot of fresh vegetables and enrich your diet with fruits, beans, olive oil, non-fat milk and low-carb dairy, like in the Mediterranean diets.

3. Limit carbs

The greatest source of carbs is white bread, which can cause fluctuations of sugar in blood, stimulation of pancreas, resulting in insulin production, and as a consequence fat storage and harder weight loss. Switch white bread into oats bread, whole-wheat bread or basmati rice.

4. Drink fresh juice

It is really important to deliver body with full-bodied and nutritious fluids, besides clear water. Drink lots of juice, but only freshly squeezed from fruits. Those available in shops contain plenty of sugar and chemical substances.

5. Apply 75:25 rule

While composing your dinner always pay attention to right proportions, because only thanks to that you can deliver proper amount of nutritious ingredients. Vegetable should be 75% of the meal, and 25% should be carbs and meat.

6. Eat soups

Eating soups is a great way to deal with large appetite. If you’re hungry then eat soup, because combination of fluid with solid elements can lower amount of eaten calories for about 20% than if you eat a meal without soup.

7. Quit coffee

Real coffee isn’t that bad, but its combination with milk and sugar can make it act like enormous calorie bomb. Switch coffee for a green tea, herbal tea or even black tea. After a while you will wean of coffee taste with benefit to the weight.

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